Unite your two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Beyond the Bench

Beyond the Bench logo

Recently we invited 5 professionals from various fields to join us for our inaugural Beyond the Bench event.  The event was a panel discussion held in the President’s Suite of Tyson Tower at Maryland Stadium.  The purpose of Beyond the Bench is to provide mentor opportunities to our student leaders.  We spend 4 years empowering them to live out their faith through sport, but what does that look like after sports?  We invited in some local Christian professionals to not only talk about their vocation, but also their faith.

Our professionals included: Sonia Lucas, Executive Vice President of Business Development at HHS Tech Group; Sarah Adewunmi, Dr. of Physical Therapy and Clinical Instructor at Howard University; Tara Jackson, Deputy County Attorney for Government Operations for Prince George’s County; Kala Flagg, Owner and Lead Consultant for TEAM Sports Injury; and Chris Stokes, Principal and Chief Financial Adviser for Stokes Financial Services.

We look forward to holding more Beyond the Bench events in the future as well as pairing 1 or 2 student leaders with each mentor for the coming school year.  Are you interested in being a mentor?  Contact Patricia at

Beyond the Bench panel discussion

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