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Wrestling Faith & Family Night

F&F Night UMD Wrestling

Last Friday, Jan. 5, the University of Maryland Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted a Faith & Family Night at our wrestling match with Ohio State.  Several minutes before the first bout, Coach Kerry McCoy (Maryland) and Coach Tom Ryan (Ohio State) sat down side by side to share why faith and family are so important to them.

Here is a little bit of what they had to say:

Coach McCoy: “Faith is everything.  I don’t go a day without reading my Bible.”  He went on to say, “Family is important.  It’s why we do everything that we do.  The balance is to make them all one.  We share faith with our team.  In the house we pray a lot together and we go to church together.  Everything I do, I do it under the umbrella of faith & family.”

Coach Ryan: “The foundation of my life has become my faith.  I’d rather talk about that then anything that happens in this wrestling match.  As I see it we have two options.  Option one, we are here by accident.  Option two, we were made in the image of a loving God.  When I looked into both of those, it became overwhelmingly clear to me…that there is a loving God that has my best interest in his heart at all times.”  He went on to say, “Family makes life better and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.”

Check out the entire interview here:


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